Rainbow Dancer's Awards

Circle of Light Award
August 24, 1997
Thank you Circle of Light

Terpsichore Award of Creativity
August 26, 1997
Thank you Muses

Heart of Stone Award
August 30, 1997
Thank you Lady Linda

Path to the Inner Light Award
August 31, 1997
Thank you Tsungen

Window of Lite Site
September 9, 1997
Thank you again,Lady Linda

Intrinsic Award of Enchantment
September 13, 1997
Thank you, Judith & Tom of Williamsholler

Love and Compassion Award
September 13, 1997
Thank you, Loris

Excellence on the Web
March 21, 1998
Thank you, CricketMoon

You have opened a window to your soul and the beauty within.
March 21, 1998
Thank you again, CricketMoon

The Rainbow's End Award of Love and Light
April 7, 1998
Thank you, Rainbowlady

Beautiful Page Award
May 18, 1998
Thank you, Carol and Karyl

Orange Ray of Spirituality
June 15, 1998

Yellow Ray of Nature
June 15, 1998

Ray of Violet for Service
June 15, 1998
Thank you, Rainbow Keeper,
for the 3 beautiful Ray Awards

Rainbow Keeper's Award for Web Excellence
August 27, 1998

Best of the Web-2002
January 11, 2002

Award for Listening
March 18, 2002

Award for Excellence
March 18, 2002

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