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How Could Anyone Ever Tell You

How could anyone ever tell you,
You were anything less than beautiful?
How could anyone ever tell you,
You were less than whole?
How could anyone fail to notice,
That your loving is a miracle?
How deeply you're connected to my soul.

by Libby Roderick


Long ago, way back then,
I used to be a child.
The things that made me happy then,
Still can make me smile.

I know I don't need fancy things,
What I need is not too much...
I just want to wake up every day,
And exhilarate in touch!

I'd like to get up in the morning,
And blow the day a kiss;
Knowing that there's joy out there,
That I deserve the bliss.

I want to feel the wind blow,
Sweeping through my hair;
And I'd touch those fuzzy flower/weeds,
As I blow them in the air.

I'd run and find an ocean,
Feel the waves crash on the land.
I'd search for textured seashells,
Buried in the burning sand.

I want to feel the raindrops
As they fall upon my face,
And gleefully stick out my tongue
To find out how they taste.

And yes, I'd blow some bubbles
And watch them shimmer in the sun,
And wonder where they disappear to...
When they POP, POP, every one!

I'd leap into a fountain
In some rigid, uptight town,
And defiantly splash, with delight,
As some jealous adults frowned.

There's something about the autumn air
I love to deeply breathe,
And I'd roll and roll all over,
In the crispy, crunchy leaves.

I'd carve a jack-o-lantern,
And place a light inside.
It's face would be so scary
The kids would run and hide.

My costume is a lacy dress..
A ballerina I would be,
Twirling, swirling all around
Feeling graceful and so free.

I'd sing a song as loud as can be,
And I'd puff up with pride
As they all clapped for me.
"Oh, yes!", I'd shout, "I can sing on key!"

I'd let myself get giddy,
I'd catch a falling star,
I'd eat a drippy ice cream cone,
And catch fireflies in a jar.

I want to always savor
The pleasure that life brings
As I watch, to my delight,
My sons enjoy these things!

It doesn't mean, because I'm grown
I have to lose these things...
I can still reach out and touch the world,
And soar like I have wings!
Lynne Newman


Today I will come down from the attic of my past. I have been living up there for too long, sorting through a chest of old rags, rags of guilt and shame. Critical voices from my childhood contributed most of the rags in the chest - voices that told me I was never good enough, that I must always do more or be more to be acceptable. The voices of shame from my childhood are the voices of my parents.

Today I will replace their voices with a new voice, that reminds me of all the wonderful qualities God has given me. I will soothe my pangs of guilt over past failures by pardoning myself for being less than perfect. In doing so, I will absolve my inner child.

Today I will come down from the attic of my past and shut the door firmly behind me. I no longer have to live in the past. The sunshine and joy of life are waiting for me.

author unknown

Mama Do You Love Me?

from Mama, Do You Love Me?
by Barbara M. Joosse
Illustrated by: Barbara Lavallee

Katelyn and Little Lynne

The heart of my Inner Child is stirred by the art work of Greg Olsen
used with permission

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