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Autumn Joy
The autumn calls me out to roam,
                 I love to wander all alone
            Through the beauty all around
                 Crunching leaves, dry on the ground.
            I feel I'm in a holy place,
                 The golden sunshine warms my face.
            I lie on the ground and through the trees
                 The sun illuminates the leaves.
            The brilliant orange, the burning gold,
                 The warm, bright colors fill my soul
            With a joy, most profound
                 I feel God's presence all around.
                                     Lynne Newman


She was a shadow of a person
                 Swallowed up by others needs,
            Always rushing, doing,
                 For others, was her creed.
            One day she looked around her,
                 Eyes open, in surprise.
            She started caring for herself,
                 Her shaky marriage died.
            Alone and scared and shaken, 
                 She allowed herself to cry;
            And though she knew she'd carry on,
                 She felt like she would die!
            Slowly, slowly, surely,
                 Her independence grows.
            As she finds a sense of purpose,
                 Her life takes on a glow.
            The woman shadow changes,
                 And a whole, strong woman lives,
            A person with a balance,
                 Receiving as she gives.
            She's alive and feeling,
                 No longer dead inside;
            In her growing sense of worth,
                 She lets herself feel pride.
                          Lynne Newman


Oak Tree
It's a beautiful day today, 
                 With the early morning sunshine
            Creating a diamond-like sparkle
                 One the pond near where I walk.
            Gracefully the wild geese
                 Glide through the frigid water,
            And I watch them and smile
                 As they perform a goose ballet.
            I feel in tune with the world;
                 Its beauty surrounds me,
            And fills me with joy, 
                 As I walk more briskly now.
            What a mighty oak tree,
                 Over there, by the pond;
            Tall, majestic, with its branches swaying
                 In the crisp October breeze.
            There's a poignant message in this giant oak,
                 Divided clearly down the middle,
            With one side covered in foliage 
                          of fading green,
                 And the other already colored 
                          brilliant red.
            I joyfully relate to this natural transition,
                 For I too have one foot still 
                         in the slowly fading past
            And the other planted firmly
                 In the brilliant possibilities of today!
                                            Lynne Newman


Spirit Dancing
Gleefully you slip away
                 Leaving your shell 
            Lying complacently
                 Beneath the azure sky.
            Astonished, I witness
                 The dancing spirit parts of me
            Celebrate in harmony
                 With windblown hills and roaring sea.
            Spirit dancing in the sand
                 Face lifted toward the sky,
            In gratitude,
                 For all her life's become!
                        Lynne Newman



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