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Waves of Longing
Deep hurt floods my heart,
     pounding like the ocean in a storm;
Raging waves, seemingly endless.

And my brown haired inner child
     trembles with the memory
Of reaching out for mother-love.

Running for a hug, chubby arms outstretched;
     stopped short by the look
Of revulsion on her mother's face.

Frightened by the intensity of mother-rage,
     the child hides once more 
In chocolate bars, then numbness.

Now I gather her in my arms,
     holding her close to my heart,
And I challenge her to feel!

And the grief overwhelms her
     as she cries salty tears,
Still longing for mother-love.

                Lynne Newman
Mother Love

from "Mama Do You Love Me?" by Barbara M. Joosse
illustrated by Barbara Lavallee

What a glorious sight,
     High on a hill;
The sun is setting,
     Bold colors spill
All over the sky,
     Pink, red and gold....
I joyfully watch
     God's splendor unfold.

                          Lynne Newman

Garden of Life
Did you ever plant a garden,
     And give it loving care,
Tending to its needs,
     That it might bloom everywhere?

And did you ever fail to water it,
     And let the soil grow dry;
Then watch once-brilliant blossoms
     Wither up and die?

Your children, like your garden, 
     Need love to survive.
Without your tender care,
     Their souls cry out, they die!

Please tend your children lovingly,
     When answering their needs,
That they might blossom brilliantly,
      Then plant tomorrow's seeds!

                         Lynne Newman
Orange Flowers



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