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Rainbow Unicorn


I've taken flight in fantasy,
On a brilliant summer day.
While floating on a cloud of white,
My child came out to play.

She's dancing on a rainbow,
Sliding down a star,
Twirling with her bear of brown,
As beauty fills her heart.

She leaps into the crimson,
Rolls joyfully in blue,
Bathed in golden sunlight,
She hugs magenta too!

Copper shimmers in her hair,
As she giggles silver sounds,
Blowing opalescent bubbles,
While turquoise drops rain down.

She prances through the purples,
In many shades and tones,
And dips her toe in sapphire seas,
Edged in silver foam.

The colored lights surround her,
And the brown bear who's her friend,
'Cause she's dancing on a rainbow,
And her world feels safe again!

Lynne Newman


At times when life felt ugly,
The pain too much to bear,
My thoughts would travel skyward
Toward the beauty waiting there.

The joyful burst of color,
The clouds so soft and white,
Somehow the memory of the rainbow
Got me through the night.

You must have sent the rainbow,
To give me hope, it seems;
To show me there is beauty,
To keep alive my dreams.

Oh, God! I offer thanks,
For the sunshine and the rain,
For all the brilliant colors,
That helped to ease the pain.

The thought of rainbow colors,
Somehow shined right through
And the splendor of your rainbow,
Kept me close to you.

Lynne Newman

Music playing is "Footprints on My Rainbow"
© 1998 Tom Williams III
written especially for my site by the wonderful and talented
Tommy Williams, Dreamsharer
Thank you so much for this beautiful gift!


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