My Brother Steven

May 20, 1958 December 19, 1989

Comet Across the Sky


Saying Good Bye

One long dark night I sat with him,
     Together we both cried;
His labored breath exhausted him,
     Pain dulled his soft brown eyes.

I talked with my brother and stroked his head,
     While he struggled to hold the rails of his bed,
Knowing that when he "let go,"
     He'd be dead.

We had a chance that lonely night,
     To speak of times we'd shared,
And then we spoke of what was ahead,
     And admitted we were scared.

I sang to my brother that dark, cold night,
     A song that said goodbye;
That little song, so powerful,
     Brought tears to both our eyes.

Although I wished for him, that the pain would go away,
     I also wished, for myself, that Steve could somehow stay,
That all of this was just a dream,
     That would fade at dawn of day.

But dawn crept in, Steven stilled,
     His skin grew cold and pale,
And finally, in the morning light...
     He let go of the rail.

                             Lynne Newman 2/23/90


Saying goodbye, going away,
Seems like goodbye's such a hard thing to say.
Touching a hand, wondering why,
It's time for saying goodbye.
Wanna laugh, wanna cry.....saying goodbye.

'Saying Goodbye', The Muppet Song

A Guardian Angel for Steven
Thank you Linda for this beautiful Angel

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